Merrilily Gardens is a Georgia state inspected live-plant perennial nursery located on a country hilltop in Woodstock, Georgia. After growing daylilies for many years, we decided to expand our collection and offer many varieties for sale to the public.

Friends and family also enjoy our homemade recipes so much that we decided to introduce a delightful line of new gourmet foods. All can be purchased at retail outlets across the southeast and the United States. Frog Jam, Plum Sauce, and Black Bean Salsa are just a few of our delicious choices.

You will be impressed with the gorgeous flowers and the many varieties of daylilies that are offered. It is easy to see why daylilies are ranked among gardeners favorite perennials and you will applaud your choice of using daylilies in your garden. Merrilily Gardens has grown from 50 to 500 hybrid varieties. Of these, 250 are for sale and the rest are in display beds.  Our peak bloom time at Merrilily Gardens is during the middle of June.

We encourage you to come and walk through the gardens as individuals or groups. Please contact us in advance to set up a time when you would like to come.  As we are a small garden compared to many others, orders can be dug while you wait, but large orders must be prepared for you to pick up. 

We look forward to meeting you!