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This recipe is the original Plum Sauce made by me for the last 40 years.  This new sauce has the same sweet holiday spices but now with chunks of plums. Perfect for all meats and desserts.

Our Plum Sauce comes in a 12oz. jar. Ingredients include Plums and secret combinations of spices. Originally used as a finishing sauce for Hams and Turkey at Holiday dinners, we have discovered that it is great on roasted Chicken, Pork roasts, Lamb and Salmon.

You can use it as a marinade, grill and baste with it, or use it as a finishing and dipping or side sauce.  Pour it over a warm Brie or over Cheesecake and Ice cream. Whisk with rice vinegar and olive oil to toss into a fresh salad. Blend into cream cheese to frost a carrot cake or top ginger snaps for a quick Hors doeuvre. 12 oz. jar. Check out our recipes.


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